HI! I have been an artist and designer for years now and have loved animals since my family got our first dog when I was 5. I've recently discovered needle felting and how the wool commonly used in felting is the perfect material to create animal portraits.
I needle felt images of these critters on a flat background by mixing and applying colors of different fibers, wool, silk and bamboo, by jabbing (felting) the loose fibers into one another with a barbed needle. The medium allows me to sculpt or build up select areas for additional interest and dimension. My portraits offer a tactile experience in addition to the visual likeness of my client's pets. I often see an emotional response when pet owners see their portraits for the first time and comment that they feel as though they could reach out and hold them.
My first needle felted portrait was to ease the loss of my sister's dog, and now I'm happy to offer these portraits to others.
If you'd like additional information, pricing, and commission scheduling please contact me for details. I look forward to hearing about how I can help make a long lasting memory of your pet.
Currently accepting new commissions.