N E E D L E F E L T E D 3 D P O R T R A I T SThe faces below are original portraits made out of wool using a technique in fiber art called needle felting. No paint is involved.My love of animals makes these dog and cat portraits a pleasure to create in a medium that lends itself to the subject. Currently accepting new commissions
Fox-red English lab - Finn12" x 12"
Hannah12"x 12"
Hairless cat- Marlow12" x 12"
Ares12"x 12"
Daisy12" x 12"
Scooter12"x 12"
Cooper12" x 12"
Mini Schnauzer- Coopie12"x 12"
Sweet pup- Cairo12"x 12"
Bulldog- Charlie6" x 6"
Boston Terrier- Nicki6" x 6"
Trixie6" x 6"
Cozy6" x 6"
Corgi- Bailey12" x 12"
Cavachon- Cali12" x 12"
American Eskimo- Emma12" x 12"
Golden Retriever- Remy12" x 12"
Black Lab- Grady12" x 12"
Springer Spaniel-Chip12" x 12"

"Not only was I blown away by the craftsmanship of the portrait Kristin made for me, I was truly stunned by how well she captured the exact likeness of my pup. I cannot recommend her services enough! " Peter

Animal dog portrait of Baroo
Baroo12" x 12"
Peanut12" x 12"
Coopie shaven12" x 12"
Needle felted, 3D cat portrait
Smudge12" x 12"
Needle felted dog
Zuzu12" x 12"
Kitty Stitch12" x12"

"It's so amazing how well you captured her essence & sparkle. THANK YOU for sharing your very special talent!!" Kristin G.

photo half / needle felt half example
Mango12" x 12"
Basset Hound- Kinsley12" x 12"
Boxer & special friend- OdieRIP
Fatina12" x 12"
Otto12" x 12"
Jack12" x 12"
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