Please email a bio of your pet. I think about their personality as I work, what they mean to you and the stories you've shared.

Then email one great quality, hi-resolution photo. It's helpful to have multiple photos at different angles in order to sculpt them in an accurate way.

Choose your background color from a selection of samples.

I create a digital mock up with your chosen background color and my composition. Once you are happy with the digital version I begin needle felting your portrait!

Photo Quality

150 resolution or higher is ideal, but lower resolution may work if the lighting is good, focus is clear and your pet's face is the majority of the photo.


Please be sure to have the majority of your pet's face in focus.


Natural sunlight is ideal and light shade is best.


Whatever angle shows off the best aspect of your pet is a great angle!!! Creative and fun results will come from playing with this, so please consider breaking some traditional portrait rules.

Please avoid

Heavy shadows, harsh sun, low light and grainy (lo-res) photos.


11.5" x 11.5" , 6" x 6" are the two basic sizes I offer.

Please inquire if you'd prefer a custom size.

I am now happy to offer very large sizes upon request.

Multiple pets

This can be an option, but prefer to leave it to my discretion. Fees are charged per pet.


Important note: I retain the right to reproduce any artwork, based on the pet photo you submit, for promotion purposes, prints, etc.